Planned Preventive Maintenance for Facility Management

Planned Preventive Maintenance is an essential part of Facility Management Services. The machines as well as equipment that a company utilizes for manufacturing is regarded as the establishments’ requirement, hence it is essential to keep them working and implemented. If a company waits until the particular equipment shows indications of an issue might badly impact on production, as well as the outcome.


To avoid such problem, a maintenance process referred to as the Planned Preventive Maintenance or PPM needs to be implemented. Thus, it is essential that you do not wait for a device to stop functioning or crash. Regular time-to-time inspection and maintenance facilitates company to find out other problems before they become worse.

How Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) works?

All equipments are set on a maintenance plan as per the producer’s mentioned maintenance schedule. This to some extent is similar to a car maintenance process and this concept is being implemented in various companies to maintain devices and machines these days. It is actually in accordance with a routine site visit wherein the engineers can figure out indications of issues together with a regular performance of maintenance tasks. These engineers generate reports according to the result and providing maximum importance to critical issues and additionally recommend immediate measures.

The component gives utter comprehensibility and restrain over all your Planned Preventive Maintenance jobs as well as contracts that is backed by a traffic light indication system. This will display in system status as existing, imminent or overdue employing a client-designated color codes. The system also generates a preset email updating customer’s of any delayed Planned Preventive Maintenance.

The necessary features of the Planned Preventive Maintenance module are it helps avoid issues on the clients’ work area and cut down damage and deterioration as well as refining efficiency, performance and staff confidence. With the routine examination as well as suggestions, problems as well as issues will be eradicated and managed. With the system status indicator, it will be possible to accelerate amenable set up and management of Planned Preventive Maintenance jobs.

The process usually works as as opposed to compelling vulnerable method for equipment maintenance like awaiting something to be damaged prior to fixing it; the method enables you to take prompt actions.

By examining your equipment on regular basis, you are more liable to deal with minute issues and control it before the issue gets bigger. This will minimize the risk of reducing performance as a consequence of an equipment issue or failure. The longer you allow your equipment operate on a continuous basis, the more productive your business can be.

To summarize, Planned Preventive measure system helps in running your business more efficiently. Increased production indicates more sales as well as progressive revenue. In spite of the fact that, it may be time consuming to set up an operational planned preventive maintenance, yet it is worth the initial expenses for time and software. Thus, PPM has become a vital part of Facility Management.


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