Mobile Solutions For Cafm – A Major Evolution For Effective Management

CAFM Mobile significantly enhances the proficiency of a Maintenance Team by providing Work Mobile solutions - XcellonfmOrders to be issued to a Trades Person’s mobile device. CAFM Mobile is an effective tool offering the potential to communicate Work Orders swiftly and efficiently to Trades People or Contractors on site.

Mobile Solutions provides the following features:

  • Real time communication to field based personnel consequently enhancing workflow , minimizing administration and costs whilst raising productivity
  • Automatic job creation as well as rapid distribution of Work Orders to ideal Engineers
  • Signature capture on all latest Windows Mobile, iPhone, iPad, and Android phones
  • Ability to Insert notes , assets , costs as well as labor time
  • Retrieve Work Orders allocated specifically to the Engineer
  • Restore and Accept Work Orders allocated to their related Trade Code
  • Utilize Start functionality to indicate that they have started work on Work Orders assigned to them and also option record travel time
  • Place Work Orders allotted On Hold and Take Off Hold
  • Asset tracking for tracking equipment locations as well as conditions
  • Enforcement of suitable risk assessments and standard operating techniques by ensuring questions and safety instructions are studied before an Engineer starts working

Whilst the evolution of mobility solutions revolutionized the way services were delivered to field Engineers, there was clearly also a requirement to provide an equivalent option for clients. Web-based intranet/internet solutions released around the late 90’s provided a gateway for clients, contractors, fellow workers etc. to gain access to fundamental information and execute an array of duties.

Web based systems has drastically changed the way facilities managers and service vendors could interact, communicate as well as share information with clients. Clients could very well now log and review maintenance calls, review and book resources, and considerably more. No longer was there a need for emails, telephone calls, meetings as well as printed records. All significant day-to-day operational information can be made accessible via a web portal. There are numerous advantages web based self-service portals provided, consisting streamlining operations, minimizing resources on facilities departments, cost saving to list a few.


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