Benefits of integrating Room Booking Software

Meeting room management is among the numerous disciplines that falls under Facilities Management. The applicability of meeting room management carries a direct impact on the overall performance as well as financial position of an organization. From cost savings to service insight, it is necessary that the meeting rooms, conference rooms as well as other publicly available areas are managed effectively.

Comprehending how rooms as well as areas are utilized and whether they are utilized appropriately is a key to minimizing cost by increasing spaces. For instance, you may find that empty rooms are still consuming electricity as well as heating up. There may be prompt cost savings here, by closing down the room for a set interval. There may be circumstances where a room suitable for 50 people has actually been booked for just a hand full of people. In that scenario it’s quite common for resources to be sourced somewhere else and at a cost to the business. These are simply two scenarios in which room booking systems can help by effectively managing all the rooms as well as resources and present a global picture to take informed decisions.


Facilities Managers utilize various techniques to manage rooms. A couple of the most prevalent techniques are listed below.

  • Integrated CAFM Software
  • Separate Room Booking Software
  • Customized In-house Software
  • Outlook Shared Calendar
  • Excel Spread sheet

Based on the desired outcome it’s essential to identify an alternative that works for with your processes and is within budget. However, as you would expect the low-end or free alternatives might not provide any added advantage to the organization to help figure out cost saving, enhance efficiency as well as perception.

Managing meeting rooms may be an intricate task because of numerous configurations, rules as well as limitations. The more complicated the task, the more advanced the software is required to be to efficiently manage bookings. Built-in and Standalone options frequently offer a plethora of configuration as well as information that can assist Facilities Managers or Service Providers configure systems to keep track of trends as well as performance. The appropriate meeting room booking software can provide you with all the necessary information required to optimize resources and to save the organization money. A few of the primary questions room booking systems may help answer includes percentage of Room Utilization, Capacity of room, peak booking timings, Cost Control, How do clients perceive the services and Usage.

A few of the common issues experienced by Facilities Managers while managing meeting rooms incorporate Double Bookings, Manual Error, Over Booking Resources, Utilization Visibility, and Cross-Department Coordination or Communication. Such common challenges have a direct effect on organization and can lead to negative perceptions of the services offered by the Facilities Department. Meeting room booking systems are intended to deal with these issues, by offering an effective and validated software solution.

Room booking Software provide a window into Facilities Management operations, allowing clients to review room availability, immediately preventing double bookings. The entire booking procedure can be accomplished online, hence freeing the resources of back-office personnel that would usually require manual process bookings.

Integrated or standalone room booking software usually facilitates a wide range of configuration options, it is possible to control booking procedures and enforce limitations, ensuring that bookings are made, amended, confirmed or cancelled in a controlled environment. With an excellent system in place and organized information going in, you can get useful information out. Room booking systems offer several reports that will help to resolve the challenges enlisted above and more. This valuable information help you enhance process to streamline operations, optimize room usage and reduce costs.


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